Congress party strongly demanded that pending elections for all municipal and other LCBs should be held immediately

Amid Assam legislative assembly elections 2021 election, the congress expressed their demand and resentment in harsh tone on the pending municipal corporation elections which didn’t take place for three years.

The gazette notification published on September 4, 2019, the Assam government declared the notification for new elected representative and qualifications of candidate who desire to stand in the elections.

Constitutional provisions to be upheld

Congress taking dig at state election commission and other governmental bodies by saying to upheld the constitutional provisions. The 74th amendment of the Constitution of India which was passed in the Parliament way back in 1992 declared the municipal bodies as a form of ‘Local Self Government.

The section 243(U) (3) of the Indian constitution is breached which is related to the elections of the new elected representative before the remaining expires.

The state election commission has failed to hold the election, Congress minister said.

Sarmah added, “The GMC (Guwahati Municipal Corporation) is a constitutionally affiliated body for Local Self Government. But the election process for this body did not take place for the last three years after the expiry of the term of its earlier elected representatives.

He further said, the citizens are deprived of the services of Guwahati Municipal Corporation.

Upcoming Assam assembly election

It is believed that because of the upcoming state government election it would be impossible to have now municipal corporation elections.

The elected state government is also enjoying the powers of the municipal corporation (local bodies) as well as the power vested in his elected position.

Why there are constitutional provisions for municipal bodies if it has to be cherished by state government. Congress said further added “it is threat to the values of Indian constitution.”

Till now there has been no response from state election commission or any retaliation by the party in the center (BJP) or any regional parties of Assam.

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