Class of 2021: The Flying Colours of Manipur

A Class of Elderly People


Among a handful of positive news, Manipur is experiencing a completely new class, however, with its old students. The students may be elderly but everything about this class is as refreshing as itself. This class of 2021 in Manipur is proving right the old saying, ‘There is no age to learn.’

The students in the class are experiencing the ambiance of a classroom for the first time in their lives. During the lockdown due to the pandemic, everything came to a halt. Hence, these elderly people got a chance to unlock a new world for themselves.

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Learning Basic Knowledge


The people there are reading, writing, and learning the basic education skills as conversing in languages specifically English.


There was a batch of 20 people who attended the classes every day of the week on a regular basis. These people were from the village, Chatric Khullen. There were also other students in the class who used to show up whenever they got time from farming and other chores.


The people were quite glad to have such an experience.


An Initiative by Gemson Haorei


The initiative was established by the non-profit, non-government organization, Gemson Haorei. In May 2021, Gemson Haorei introduced their first class in the Kamjong district of Manipur. The director of the trust, Soringthai Haorei, said that he also runs similar programs for children and middle-aged people. He said that they were working on a mission to educate as many people as possible in rural areas.



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