Chumukedima village: A must visit place of Nagaland

Kohima, 20th October: Most of the tourists avoid Nagaland when it comes to visiting the north eastern zone of India. Chumukedima village is one of the best places to visit when someone is planning to visit Nagaland. The beauty of the place is very appealing and the tourists will surely love the place. It is recommended to avoid the place to visit in the monsoon season as the weather is not favourable at this time.

Best time to visit the place

The best time to visit the places is from October to March as the temperature remains the most favourable during this season.

Triple falls will amaze the tourists by its beauty

Triple falls is one of the best visiting places for the tourists who come to visit Nagaland. The village is situated on the top of the hill and the entire Dimapur village of Nagaland can be seen like a bird’s eye watch from the village. Besides this, many other places such as the zoological garden, Nagaland science centre, Shiva temple and Nagaland shopping arcade can be visited by the tourists.

The cultural heritage of north eastern India can be seen here

It is recommended to visit the place as soon as possible before it gets the urban touch with the advancement of civilization in the North East zone of India. Those who wants to know the culture of North eastern states of India should surely visit the place.

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