Chopped body parts of a missing woman were found in Assam

Guwahati, 22nd October: The sensational incident took place in Assam surprising the citizens of not only Assam but all over India. The chopped parts of a woman were found from her own residence in the district of Borgaon.

Local people are very much frightened after this incident

The woman was previously registered as missing in the nearby police station. Investigation was going on to find her but she was at last found in her own residence in such dreadful condition. The local people are still very much shocked by this incident and they are also showing their concern for their safety to the state government. The police department is doing the investigation and they are suspecting his husband to be involved with the murder of the woman.

 The woman used to live with her husband at Borgaon

The woman was identified as Antima Gupta. It is also informed by the police that the woman used to live with her husband in the Borgaon area of Assam.

Body parts of the women were found in chopped condition wrapped by a plastic bag

Chopped body parts of her body were found wrapped in a plastic bag at her own residence in borgaon. The investigation is still going on to find out the real murderer of the woman.

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