Cachar Police arrests 2 people For defacing Assamese Hoardings In Silchar

Guwahati, 20th October: The Cachar police arrested two members belonging to All Bengali Students Youth Organization (ABSYO).

The members of ABSYO were arrested

The police arrested them in charge of defacing Assamese hoardings. The young people smeared black ink on the hoardings without giving a second thought. The arrested members of the ABSYO have been identified as Raju Deb and Samar Das.

The organisation of BDYF is also suspected to be a part of the incident

The Cachar police also summoned the chief of Barak Democratic Youth Front (BDYF), Pradip Dutta Roy as the organisation is also suspected to be  involved in the incident. However, the chief said that the organisation had not been involved in any incident which will defame the assamese language.

According to the chief, the ink was smeared before they reached the venue

He also informed that the BDYF had been a part of a protest against the incident. The chief also informed them that they did not have any idea about the incident and the smearing of ink was done even before they had reached the venue. The investigation is still going on to find out the real victims.

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