#Breaking : Tripura Govt. announces Rs. 579 Crores package for people to tackle corona crisis.

Chief minister Biplab Kumar Deb annouced Rs. 579 crore package as an initiative to help The poor and affected families in the state During the ongoing COVID crisis.
As announced earlier the state government had already decided to provide Rs.1000 Through direct bank transfer to the 7 Lakh BPL families in the state. This will cause the state exchequer all together Rs.70 crores.

In a message to the common people the chief Minister said, food packets are being distributed in the Agartala Municipal Area and also areas outside of it, the food packets contain ten kgs of rice, two kgs of pulses, one litre edible oil, three kgs of potatoes , two kgs of onions, one kg salt, two hundred grams milk powder and five hundred grams soyabin. On this the state government will incur an additional expense of Rs 80 crores.

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In addition to that, over four lakh beneficiaries of different social security pensions would be paid two months’ pension in advance, he added this will come at an expense of Rs 72 crores. Chief minister also annouced, employment will be generated under MGNREGA and TUEP at an expense of Rs 25 crores for TUEP and Rs 332 crores for MGNREGA.

Deb also informed that 16,27,000 people have been inoculated for Covid-19 in Tripura till date.



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