#Breaking : Tripura farmers export 700 Kg of organic pineapple amid COVID.

Recently the Tripura government had signed an agreement with ICCOA ( International Competence Centre for Organic Agriculture ) So that the organic farmers of pineapple can export their produce smoothly and that their source of income is not hindered during the ongoing pandemic situation.

Tripura’s organic pineapple is making its way into the national market and there is a huge demand for the so when the demand for the goods in the market drastically reducing due to the pandemic pandemic. Tripura has sent two consignments of organic pineapple to Bangalore and Delhi in association with Indigo airlines on saturday.

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ICCOA official said, “we got a requirement call of more than 700 Kgs organic pineapple from Delhi and Bangalore. Subsequently, we spoke to the farmers of Neermahal Farmers’ Producers’ Company limited. They agreed to supply us the product followed by rate fixation. Finally, we succeeded in sending the fruits despite all the Covid 19 related curbs”.

On being asked about the rates, he said, “the local farmers got a flat price of Rs 20 per piece. The Delhi party ordered 235 Kgs and the Bangalore party ordered 502 Kgs of organic pineapple”.
He had also said that their organization had also received some orders but export would depend on mutual agreement of price.



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