#Breaking : Ganja worth 1 Crore seized by Assam Police.

One thing which is showing no signs of curbing any time soon is the illegal transportation of Ganja.

May 31st is just another day when another lump of the drug was found to be smuggling. To the due credit of Assam Police, the officials came across more than half a tonne of Ganja in a truck. The police found 51 packets in Srirampur in Kokrajhar district of lower Assam. The packets are now estimated to possess a value of 1 crore.

Reportedly, there was a compartment in the driver’s cabin of the truck which was looking as if made specifically for smuggling purposes. The drugs were kept in that compartment. The police have registered the case and have already booked two for being in the possession of drugs.

The Assam Police has been active against drug trafficking recently. The present government, right from its start in Dispur, is known to put a vigilant eye for the areas of drug dealing in Guwahati. Some of the regions are Bhootnath, Chatribari, Fatasil Ambari, Hidayatpur, Jyotikuchi, Saukuchi, Six Mile, and Ulubari et cetera.

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Lately, the incidents of smuggling drugs being booked by the cops have been surfacing everyday. This shows the widened network of the drugs stretched till vast markets. However, on a brighter side, it also displays the alert of the authorities regarding the issue.


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