Bomb blast reported in East khasi hill area of Meghalaya

Shillong, 14th July: A low intensity bomb blast was reported on Wednesday in Meghalaya.

The incident occurred at late night

According to the report, the bomb blast occurred at Dakiah in East Khasi hills district of the state. It has been also known that the blast occurred near the office of the Superintendent of Police at around 1.30 am.

The bomb blast destroyed the boundary wall of the office

The boundary wall of the police reserve building was destroyed as a consequence of the bomb blast. It is assumed that the bomb blast was done by some antisocial elements to destroy the police reserve building or to frighten the team of police. The common people as well as the police reserve were enraged due to such an incident.

Investigation is still going on until the result is found

The investigation is still going on to be clear about the reason for the bomb blast. No casualties have been found till now. Nothing can be assumed till the Investigation is done and the actual reason of the bomb blast is shown. The Meghalaya government has assured that strict actions will be taken after the actual reason is known.

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