‘ Bigyapon ‘ A Short Film On Answering The Questions About LGBTQ To Society.

Bohubhuj Foundation from Tripura is ready to release their third short film “Bigyapon” very soon. The film is Directed by Dr.Somnath Bhowmik and Mr.Nabhojyoti Bharati.

The story of ‘ Bigyapon ‘ :

Bigyapon is based on the social and mental health of LGBTQ Community. Though Article 377 has been legalized but there exists a stigma in society regarding Homosexuality. Dr.Bhowmik , who scripted the story beautifully narrates the dilemma of a Gay person and the crisis of finding a true friend. Dr.Bhowmik as Director as well as Script writer has strongly opposed the term “Community”. He believes that the new era of development needs more uniformity not further segregation based on sexual preferences of an Individual. Poet Sanhita Sinha has edited the story.

The Cast and Crew :

The debut lead character is played by Sagnik Chowdhury who finds the role challenging to portray the charecter, the other characters were played by Surya Pal, Subhajit Nath, Sonakshi Chowdhury and Sharbani Das. Director Dr.Bhowmik has also played an interesting part in the movie. DOP Biswaraj Bharati has given this short film a vivid cinematic outcome. Eminent Dancer Angana Nandi and young dynamic film maker Rupak Acharjee are also involved in making the short film as Associate Director and Assistant Director Respectively. The Nandy Brothers, Soumyajit Nandy and Subhrajit Nandy have perfectly hemled the audio department while renowned artist Arpan Banerjee worked on the background score. The short movie also includes two songs vocal by eminent classical singer of Tripura Nabanita Bhattachejee and young Anirban Datta. Anirban Datta also has composed a song for the short film. Prestigious Sangeet Natak Academy Award recipient Swapan Nandy has calligraphed the title of the movie.

Where can you watch the short film ?

The short film is all set to release in OTT platform. The previous Jiyankathi was also directed by Dr.Bhowmik and Bharati won Best Short Film Award from International Short Film Festival this year. In last one year Bohubhuj Foundation have make two short films ‘Jiyankathi’ and ‘Sedin Dujone’ that earned 5 awards from International Film Festival.


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