Barpathar police recovered stolen car, arrested one

Barpathar, 15th August: The Barpathar police department made another victory by recovering the stolen car. According to the report, a report was filed by the owner of the stolen car.This was another victory of the police departments to win against the anti-social activities in the state .

The driver who stole the car was arrested

It was reported that a Hyundai creta car was stolen. The Barpathar police recovered the stolen Hyundai Creta car and arrested the driver in connection on Friday. The vehicle held a fake registration number of Karbi Anglong district. The false registration number was used to make it appear like a local car.

The accused was trying to avoid police attention

The accused were trying to avoid police attention by using the false number. As reported, a patrolling team of Barpathar police intercepted the stolen vehicle over NH 39.

The police made further investigation

After verifying the documents, the police team found that the engine number of the car is not correct. It also did not match the document produced by the driver. Further investigation is still going to know the exact situation.

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