Tripura: Bamboo Salt , A Medicinal Remedy introduced by Samir Jamatia and Team

What is Bamboo Salt ?

Around 1000 years ago, Korean doctors and monks developed a folk medicine for various illnesses called Bamboo Salt. Bamboo Salt originated from South Korea. It is also known as Jukyeom. For making Bamboo Salt, Sea Salt is added into the cases of Bamboo trunks with 3 years of growth. Before the roasting of the trunks, the ends are sealed with mineral enriched yellow clay. Using Pinewood as a fuel, trunks are roasted in a furnace. The process completes in a temperature of 1000 to 1500 oC within 10 hours. It can be repeated three to nine times. This baking is effective as it amalgamates minerals from the bamboo and yellow clay into the salt. The market cost of Bamboo Salt is Rs 1200 per kg.

Medicinal Properties :


Bamboo Salt has medicinal properties like-

Anti- Gastric / Peptic Ulcer treatment.
Cure skin problems like freckles,acne etc.
Treats the sore throat.
Works for Detoxifying and Sterilizing in the body.
Stops bleeding of the injured areas acting as a Blood Coagulator.
If applied it reduces the risk of bacterial infections.

How can you use it?

You can put bamboo salt on your decayed teeth or gargle to reduce toothache.
If you are facing hair loss, you can massage the scalp with bamboo salt.
You can massage your armpit and other parts with bamboo salt for 10 minutes to reduce body odour.
To reduce joint pain, you can apply bamboo salt on the affected area.


Bamboo Technologist Samir Jamatia has re-kindled this thousand year old recipe and is gearing up to introduce this in the market.


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