Bamboo leftovers are used in Tripura for making essential oils

Agartala, 5th August: Bamboo technologist of Tripura, Samir Jamatia has already influenced the entire India to use leftover bamboo for making utensils and eco-friendly things. A device has been invented for the extraction of essential oils from bamboo leaves.

The method of extracting bamboo essential oil using the device is quite complex

The device comprises a round flask, a condenser tube and an extractor. Bamboo essential oil is made using all the three components of the device by using organic solvents and water. The method for preparing the bamboo leaf essential oil comprises some steps such as crushing bamboo leaves as raw material, preparing the bamboo leaf essential oil by adopting the device for extracting plant essential oil. Preparation of the bamboo leaf essential oil requires reflux extraction, cooling, organic phase separation, drying, filtering, decompression and desolvation.

Bamboo essential oil has many diverse uses

The high aromatique essential oil made from bamboo leaves can be used in various products such as cosmetics, health care products, cleaning products and food items. Extracted bamboo essential oil has remarkable antioxidant properties as many chemical compounds such as carboxylic acid, alcohol compounds, acetone and ketone are present in the essential oil.

The device can also be used for extracting essential oil from different plant materials other than bamboo plants

Both simple methods and high extraction rate are appealing to the experts while making bamboo essential oil from bamboo leaves. Many other plant materials are thought of taking in use for extraction of essential oil using the device.

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