Bamboo Bricks: New Age, Environment-Friendly Construction Material Ready to Use

Evolutions in Construction


Construction is an ongoing process that never stops. However, every now and then, there are evolutions that better the current trends. Till now we have been relying on concrete as a safe, strong, and convenient building material.


The Use of Concrete

The use of concrete is stretched to its inclusion in constructing simple houses to skyscrapers as well. Though the use of concrete is mainstreamed, it is quite interesting to come to know that there are simpler ways available with escalated strength such as-a bamboo brick.

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Bamboo Bricks


In association with Tripura Agarbatti Stick Manufacturing Association, Kumarghat, the Bamboo Brick (AAC Block) is made up of the following three raw materials.


  1. Bamboo waste/Dust from Agarbatti waste
  2. Cement
  3. Sand


However, it is important to find out that if these bricks are as strong as other bricks. Hence, cement, sand, brick chips, stone chips,, and bamboo fiber were used with different proportions (1:2:4, 1:2.5.5, and 1:3:6) to cast respective concrete cylinders. The concrete cylinders were tested by the compression testing machine to observe their strength after required curing. The highest strength was observed in stone chips rather than brick chips.


Later, also the cylinders were cast with bamboo fire. Resultingly, the tensility rose until the stone chips contained 1% bamboo fiber.


This new but remarkable approach will definitely mark up the difference in the construction of buildings.



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