Assam’s Daughter Kunjalata Boro won 2 gold medals in International Event

Guwahati, 20th August: Assam is Northeastern state which often remains in the breaking news for having a good number of sports persons. Assam’s daughter’s extraordinary performance at International sports events has amazed India as well as the entire world.

The women won two gold medals at United International championship in Nepal

Kunjalata Boro have won two golds at the United International Championship in Nepal. Kunjalata won gold medals at the women’s 100 and 200 meters relays of the events. All the events were held from 10th August to 15 August of 2021.

Assams daughter was given a heroic welcome

under the aegis of the United India Sports Foundation. Some BTR based organizations including the All Boro Students’ Union(ABSU) and local people have accorded a heroic welcome to the Assam’s daughter when she came back to her home at Bhakatpara, Udalguri.

The Assam government is very much proud  of the Assam girl

It can be considered as the greatest achievement of not only Kunjalata but the entire Assam state. Every citizen of India is proud of the Assamese women for enlighting the name of India.

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