Assam rifles distributes solar lights in Mizoram

Guwahati, 3rd August: Assam rifles is going to distribute solar lights in some parts of Mizoram.The Lunglei Battalion of Headquarter 23 Sector Assam Rifles under the aegis of Headquarter Inspector General Assam Rifles distributed solar lights to villagers of Zochachhua on Saturday.

Solar lights are going to be distributed in remote areas of Mizoram

The Assam Government has decided to make preventive measures so that the dispute can be resolved as soon as possible. During the event, as a goodwill gesture, villagers were also educated regarding the COVID awareness and anti-malaria measures to be undertaken during the monsoon season.

Total 60 solar lights are going to be distributed

Zochachhua village in Lawngtlai district lies in one of the remotest areas of Mizoram. The villages are having a very difficult life as there are frequent power cuts.

A little easiest will become the lives of the common people of Mizoram

Assam Rifles took the initiative and distributed a total of 60 solar lights to the villagers in the presence of VCP. The main motive of the government is to make the lives of the common people easier.

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