Assam: Police seizes drugs worth rupees 12 crore.

Guwahati, 25th June: Another achievement of Assam police is seizing drugs worth rupees 12 crore in the Karbi Anglong district of Assam.  The police arrested two Tamil women, Lashmi D and Panjabhiram along with one Manipuri man Khoiram Basanta Singha.

A home Jawan found the drug peddlers :

The trio was charged for smuggling drugs worth rupees 12 crore in the international market. According to a source it is known that a home Jawan at Dilai police check post found the three drug peddlers in a Guwahati-bound bus and collected 3 kg contraband drugs which was concealed in the engine cabin of the bus.

Borsing was also offered huge bribes to stay silent :

The local police were immediately informed to look into the matter. The home Jawan Borsing Bey said, ‘ I was offered huge bribes for not disclosing the matter to the higher authorities. I refused their proposal and immediately informed the Dilai Police incharge.”

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The police is still doing the investigation :

Investigation is still going on to disclose whether any other person or group of persons are involved in this drug smuggling case of Karbi Anglong. Immediate actions would be taken if anyone is found to be involved with the drug smuggling case, assured the Dilai Police incharge. 


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