Assam police seized 1044 bottles of Indian made foreign liquor

Biswanath, 1st July: The Assam police made a special drive against illicit liquor and conducted raids at various places of Assam such as Biswanath Chariali, Sootia, Behali and Helen.

The Police seized the liquor bottles

The police found around 1044 bottles of Indian made foreign liquor from various parts of Biswanath on Wednesday. Among the 1044 bottles of illicit liquor, 602 were whiskey bottles and 442 were beer bottles. The police department seized the illicit liquor bottles. It is a great achievement of Assam police in winning the war against Anti Social activities in Assam.

Investigation is still going on

However, no one has been arrested till now and the investigation is still going on. The Assam government is very much concerned about the increasing illegal activities in the state. The Assam police is doing its best to find the accused persons involved in this case.

The CM is also concerned about the case

Assam is facing various cases of drug smuggling, illicit liquor making and selling. The CM of Assam, Hiamanta Biswa Sharma ordered the Assam police to take strict actions against the illegal liquor storage and drug smuggling cases in Assam.

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