Assam minister protested against pork ban demand

Dhubri, 22th July: Assam congress MLA Abdul Khaleque demanded the ban of pork in Assam. Assam Minister Ranjeet Kumar Dass protested the demand of the Congress MLA saying that there is no comparison between cow and pig, as people mainly drink cow milk and “nobody consumes pig milk”.

MLA Abdul wants equality and a balance regarding the cattle Bill passed in the state

MLA Abdul Khaleque stated that the provisions of the new Cattle Bill introduced by the Assam Government would become balanced only if slaughter of pigs and sale of pork is also banned near mosques.

Assam minister was enraged with such a demand of MLA Abdul Khaleque

Ranjeet Kumar Dass protested to Assam Congress MLA Abdul Khaleque’s demand of ban on slaughter of pigs and sale of pork across 500 metres area of mosques. According to Ranjeet, Protection of cows is very much important and it is one of the major responsibilities of not only Hindus but of all Indians.

The minister said there is no comparison between the cattle bill and the demand of ban selling of pork in the state

According to Ranjeet Kumar, “This Cow Protection bill wants to make Assam self-reliant in the production of milk and milk products. Neither Hindus or Muslims consumes the milk of pigs but they consume cow milk. Hence its not mandatory to band Park is the cattle bill has been passed in the state

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