Assam: Handloom and Textiles Minister UG Brahma announces subsidies for weavers

Guwahati, 20th August: The weavers of Assam were facing a lot of issues due to the pandemic situation of covid-19.

The minister of handloom and textile has announced that subsidies would be provided to the weavers

The Minister of Handloom and Textile, Soil Conservation and Welfare of BTC, UG Brahma on Thursday announced a good amount of subsidies to weavers. He has also assured that the handloom and textile industry of Assam would be developed within no time.

Productivity of the industry would be increased

Brahma said that COVID-19 had affected the handloom and textile sector to a great extent and as a result of which productivity of the weavers has decreased and markets had gone down.

New policies would be developed for the development of handloom and textile industry

The minister of handloom and textile has also ensured that new policies would be imposed for the development and restrengthening of the handloom and textile industry. The help of the Central Government would also be appealed by the Assam government for better development. It is expected that after the proper implementation of the decision the weavers would be benefited.

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