Assam CM Himata Biswa Announces Rs 40 Crore investment for the development Of Mariani Tea Garden Line

Guwahati, 22nd October: Assam CM Hemant Vishwakarma announces rupees 40 crore for the development of Mariani Tea Garden line. The announcement of this campaign was done on behalf of Rupjyoti kurmi.

Mr. Hemant Vishwakarma is pledging votes for the tea tribe chief of Assam

The pledge was made by Assam CM for the upcoming election on 30th October, 2021. He wants people to vote for Rupjyoti Kurmi who is the most powerful tea tribe chief of upper Assam.

New schools will also be opened for the children of Assam

Assam CM Hemant announced that new schools will be built for class VII to class XII. Rupjyoti kurmi was from Indian National Congress party and he resigned from this party in the month of June of 2021.

Rupjyoti Kurmi left Indian National Congress party for disagreement with the party members

The main reason behind his resignation was disagreement with the party related to the elevation of youngsters in political situations. According to Kurmi, the Indian National Congress party always neglects youngsters like him and it is high time to join the right party. Assam CM Himanta Biswa Sarma is supporting and is also announcing the developmental activities on behalf of him.

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