Assam cabinet announces 13,120 primary schools to get electricity

Guwahati, 20th October: The Assam Government decided in a meeting that 13120 primary schools will get electricity from onwards.

Assam health minister has addressed the decision

Assam health minister Keshab Mahata has addressed all the key decisions regarding the activity. He also stated that the Assam government will provide electricity to 48,231 Anganbadi kendras. New transformers has also been purchased by the state government along with repairing of almost 4200 old transformers.

Police stations would also be renovated by the government

The Health Minister also stated that the government has decided to sanction Rs 120 crore for the  reconstruction of the new and old police stations in the state. “The primary schools will be surely benefited by the initiative of the Assam Government”, said the health minister of Assam.

The support from the guardians of the students is also highly sought

The students of the primary schools will also be benefited by such development of the schools where they go to create their futures. The support of the parents of the children are also highly expected from the side of Assam Government to fulfill their objectives of improving the education system of the state.

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