Assam : BJP MLA from Nalbari Found Violating Curfew Rules. Raises Questions Amongst Common People.

One of the well known BJP MLA was accused for violating curfew the question arises that are rules only for ordinary people?

As per Assam State, it restricts movement within 1 P.M in afternoon till 5 A.M in morning, despite of this rules and restrictions, some people still flout the curfew rules.

One of the high-profile politician of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and a Vice President of State Unit in Nalbari MLA, Jayanta Malla Baruah, has been found of violating the curfew rules. It shows such bad examples for the people of the state. All the timing and restrictions are made for the benefit of the citizens so that Covid-19 would be controlled, but some people are making it impossible.

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Are rules only for ordinary people ?

As per the restricted time BJP MLA was found coming out of his house and was visiting the salon at midnight at Barooah road city. As we know all the shops, including salons, have to be closed by 12 pm in the afternoon. But still the MLA went to get his hair done and beard trimmed.

The question arises was it nesssary to came out that time?

As per guidelines the rules may be exempted when their is any emergency situation.

The whole case has put such a spark and gossip and created a controversy, where people started questioning that are rules only for ordinary people.

Assam has made timing in which the movement of the people has been restricted except essential needs, but it was shocking to know the people who are working for public are acting so irresponsibly and setting a wrong example for the rest of us.


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