Assam : 80 MT Liquid Medical Oxygen Recieved On Friday.

During the ongoing fight with covid 19, we got confirmation that on Friday. The 6th oxygen express arrived from Jharkhand with 80 MT LMO in 4 tankers. The NFR said in the statement on Friday, till now Assam has received the total of 480 MT oxygen. The Northeast Frontier Railway (NFR) in a statement told, that Oxygen Expresses crossed mark of 29,000 MT of LMO delivery in service to the nation on Friday. We can say it’s a great reach till now.

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The journey of Oxygen Express :

The journey of oxygen express started from Maharashtra on April 24. The oxygen that got loaded to be delivered were about 126 MT to Maharashtra.

As per sources we know, the LMO had total of 409 Oxygen Express, and have completed their journey so far, which brought relief to various states.

It played a vital role, by delivering the oxygen on time.The liquid medical oxygen has crossed many hurdles, and it is reaching every part of the country. It is great to know how efficiently it is working the Indian Railways is continuing it’s journey of bringing relief by delivering Liquid Medical Oxygen in more and more quantity.

Oxygen express delivered LMO till now :

Oxygen express has reached up to 15 States

Let’s know the recent updates:-

Maharashtra 614 MT,
Uttar Pradesh nearly 3797 MT,
656 MT in Madhya Pradesh,
5722 MT in Delhi,
2354 MT in Haryana,
98 MT in Rajasthan,
3564 MT in Karnataka,
320 MT in Uttarakhand,
4584 MT in Tamil Nadu,
3364 MT in Andhra Pradesh,
225 MT in Punjab,
513 MT in Kerala,
2851 MT in Telangana,
38 MT in Jharkhand and
480 MT in Assam.


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