Arunachal: The Global Human Rights Trust is playing a vital role in helping people

The ongoing Corona cases led to create a crucial moment of lockdown, where people felt a need of somebody as a helping hand around, who can stand by their side as a supporter.


We are standing at that moment or time of our life, when we are looking for person who can give genuine answer to our questions related to Corona and who can clear our doubts without hesitation.

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Where GHRT a Global Human rights, is playing a vital role in helping people in every situation possible. Taking action with helping in every crucial condition, this whole team collaborated with sunpurna area welfare society & CASLOM block sunpura , the whole team are trying there best at this time to help the needy families of Sunpura.


Pray for those whose family are suffering at this moment, and guide people to pls obey the Corona protocol.

Sinan Bellai along with other workers on behalf of GHRT visited Sunpura. By visiting he felt a little closer to the people of Lohit district and also felt a satisfaction, that he visited them and closely experience the COVID-19 patients. The team also counselled them and talk about the situation that little bit interaction can be also helpful for the recovery. He also discussed the doubts that they where having while facing the situation. The people who where home isolated where benefited by ration commodities.



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