Arunachal Pradesh:Exotic red panda released to natural habitat after rescue

Itanagar, 27th June: A red panda was rescued from the Shi-yomii district of Arunachal Pradesh and immediately sent to its natural habitat.

Two persons found the red panda clinging to a log

The Red panda was rescued from the downstream of Yargyapchu river of Arunachal Pradesh. Forest official and administration department informed that two persons named Tony Mosin and Takar Mosu saw the real animal which was clinging to a log in the river.

The exotic animal was handed over to the Forest Department

The duo found that the red panda was very weak and was unable to survive. The two persons rescued the animal from the river and handed it over to Tanga Murten, Mechukha Range Forest Officer (RFO).

The rare animal was sent to natural habitat

The officer decided that the panda will be sent to its natural habitat so that it can spend a natural life. The forest department appreciated the work of the duo who rescued the extinct animal. It was sent 15 km away from the last output and was released to its natural habitat. The duo really set an example in front of the residents showing that it is our duty to to save the endangered animals and species

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