Arunachal Pradesh government approves psychoactive substance policy

Itanagar, 18th July: Arunachal Pradesh government has approved the psychoactive substance policy which will help to fight with the antisocial activities of the state.

The state government believes the policy to be helpful to fight with drug menace

Arunachal Pradesh government is very much concerned about the increasing number of drug smuggling cases in the state. The state government has hence decided to take preventive measures as soon as possible so that the number of drug peddlers can also be reduced. Psychoactive substance policy 2021-26 has been approved by the Arunachal Pradesh cabinet for the same reason.

The policy emphasizes on three pillars

The policy of psychoactive substances is based on three pillars and the state government must keep in mind while using the policy for the welfare of the citizens. The three pillars of this policy are supply reduction, demand reduction and harm reduction.

A committee will be formed to make related decisions

A State Level Authority will be formed and it will be headed by the Chief Minister and District Level Committees. The committee will meet at regular intervals to solve all the issues and make decisions related to the policy.

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