Arunachal: Paradise Dental Hospital inaugurated in Itanagar

Itanagar, 4th July: MLA Goruk Pordung along with Councilor Taz Gyamar inaugurated Paradise Dental Hospital (PDH) in Itanagar.

PDH is fully air conditioned and well equipped hospital

The hospital is fully well equipped and air conditioned which has increased the quality of medical facilities in the hospital. Paradise dental hospital is located at E-Sector and was inaugurated by the MLA and councillor of Itanagar on Saturday.

Mr Pordung appealed to the youth

Mr Pordung is also an advisor to the health minister of Itanagar. He said in the inauguration program that “Oral health is very important for a person but most of the time it is ignored”. He inspired the common people to get high-quality oral health facilities from PDH hospital inaugurated on Saturday. Besides this he also praised the youth of Arunachal Pradesh for being self-sufficient.

Dental care is important to gain confidence

IMC councillor Tez Gymar has also praised the team for establishing the dental hospital in his ward. He also assured that from now onwards the people of his ward will get the best dental care services. He expressed his views targeting the youth, saying that oral problems are cosmetic problems and if not treated, it can affect the confidence of the affected person

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