An accused encountered in Ajit Das kidnapping case

Guwahati, 3rd July: According to GP Singh, DGP of the Assam Police, the prime accused snatched a police weapon. The police then fired in retaliation.

He was shot  by Assam police

As a consequence the accused was grievously injured and was taken to the hospital Fancy Bazar Outpost Constable Raj Babu Singh had been detained in connection with the kidnapping of businessman Ajit Das. He was shot after attempting to flee police custody.

The accused was immediately taken to the hospital

The accused was immediately taken to Morigaon Civil Hospital with a bad condition. He was found with a single gunshot wound to his leg. He was afterwards sent to the GMCH (Gauhati Medical College and Hospital). While staying here he was in a bad condition and the doctors informed the police about his condition.

He was taken from his home

After some days, he was taken from his home in the Kalibari neighbourhood near Guwahati Railway station. A case was filed against the accused at the Latasil Police Station. The Assam government has assured that such cases will not happen from now onwards. The work of Assam police was also pressed by the same and it can be considered as a great achievement of the police department

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