AMCH creates history by carrying out thrombolysis on a patient inside mobile van

Dibrugarh, 10th July: Assam medical college and hospital created a history on Friday by carrying out thrombolysis on a patient inside a mobile van.

Thrombolysis of a 65 year old patient was done inside the mobile van

The patient who was carried to the Assam medical College and hospital was 65 years old. He was carried out to the casualty department of AMCH for conducting CT scan inside the mobile van.

The process of thrombolysis inside a mobile one was a great achievement for AMCH

It was really a great achievement for Assam medical College and hospital as it was the first time in India that thrombolysis on a patient was possible to be done inside a mobile van. The therapy of thrombolysis is mainly done to patients so that the dangerous blood clots and blood vessels can be dissolved leading to increase of blood flow.

The entire process was done within 3 hours

AMCH principal cum chief superintendent Dr Sanjeeb Kakati said “The procedure of thrombolysis was carried out inside the mobile van within 3 hours. The facility was developed under the ICMR Stroke project and it helped to save the life of the 65 year old man who was suffering from acute stroke

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