Agnigarh hill: A place to visit in Assam with mythological attraction

Guwahati, 8th July: Travelers who are interested in mythological stories must visit Agnigarh hill of Assam.

The mythological story behind the place is quite interesting

According to Hindu mythology, the fort implies the love between the grandson of Lord Krishna Aniruddha and the daughter of the asura king Banasura Usha. They fell in love with each other but Banasura was against this match. He imprisoned Aniruddha in another place and kept his daughter Usha in Agnigarh fort. It is known that this place had a boundary of fire, and it cannot be crossed without the permission of Banasura.

The view of Tezpur City from the top of the hill is just amazing

Local people call it Agnigarh or the fort of fire. The visitors will get the best view of the entire Tezpur City from the top of the hillock. The mighty river Brahmaputra can also be seen from the top of it.

Best time to visit Agnigarh hill

The best time to visit agnigarh fort is from the month of November to March as the temperature remains the most pleasant at this season. There are also many other places to visit near Agnigarh fort such as Da Parbatia, Bamuni hills and many more.

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