African swine fever is spreading rapidly in Asaam

Guwahati 24th July: African Swine Fever is spreading rapidly in various parts of Assam. Specially, Darrang district of Asaam is experiencing a lot of cases of pigs being infected by Africa swine fever.

A total of 270 pigs in Darang lost their lives due to African Swine fever

A total of 270 pigs in Darrang district of Assam have either been killed by the the fever or being culled after testing positive for the fever. Almost 20 infected pigs were culled at Jhargaon village on Thursday.

Protective measures are being taken by the state government

One of the officials said: “Twenty pigs have been culled today in Jhargaon village by an experts’ team from North Eastern Regional Disease Diagnostic Laboratory (NERDDL) as a protective measure to check the spread of the disease”.

The number of death of pigs are increasing day by day

Assam Agriculture Minister Atul Bora on July 13, had confirmed death of as many as 246 pigs due to African Swine Fever. The state government is very much concerned about the increasing number of swine fever attacked pigs. Preventive measures are also being taken to resolve the issues. It is believed that soon the number of increasing African swine fever infected feets will be reduced.


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