ADC implemented council meeting agenda in Tripura to ensure bamboo as a agriculture crop

Agartala, 13th July: Bamboo is being used by the tribes of Tripura as a source of making various eco-friendly products. Hence, the government is thinking about announcing bamboo as an agricultural or horticultural crop of Tripura.

Tripura government is making decisions about making bamboo as a horticulture crop

Bamboo technologist of Tripura, Samir Jamatia stated that bamboo will be proved very beneficial for the Tripura government if the state takes cultivation of Bamboo seriously. Hon’ble Chief Executive Member of TTAADC was called to look into the matter.

Large scale production of bamboo is possible in Tripura

They discussed and found that large scale production of Bamboo is possible. Many eminent persons such as Hon’ble EM, Agriculture, Industries and Tribal Welfare, TTAADC along with Hon’ble EM, Social Welfare, TTAADC are expected to be present in the council meeting by ADC. The ADC area of Tripura Was not implemented as “Bamboo” till now.

Further discussion will take place by ADC

They want further discussion on the topic and ensure the next Council meeting.The topic of the meeting will be  Bamboo as Agriculture / Horticulture Crop in ADC area of Tripura.

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