A trip to Mon: A rich tribal heritage of Nagaland will refresh the mind of travelers

Kohima, 2nd July: Travelers visiting Nagaland should not miss Mon, the most fascinating and mystifying town of Nagaland. The place is situated at an altitude of 897m.

Mon is known as the paradise of the culture of Nagaland

This place is very famous among the travelers as a Paradise of culture which belongs to Konyaks. It is one of the best places for the travelers who want to get the blizzard experience of travel, food, culture and lifestyle together.

Festivals celebrated at Mon will give a never forgetting experience

The museum situated in Chenloisho village is very much appealing to the travelers who are curious to know the culture of Nagaland. Hornbill festival celebrated in this village must not be missed by the visitors as it will be a never forgetting memory for them to be a part of this festival with the tribals.

Aoleang festival is a well known festival of Nagaland

If theTravellers want to know the real essence of the culture of Nagaland, Mon is the best option for them. It is suggested to visit the place in the month of April as travelers will be able to experience the Aoleang festival which is a popular farming festival of Mon.

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