A new snake species discovered in Assam after a century

Guwahati, 16th August: In a blazing new discovery that has added a new wave of accomplishment to Assam, not only in terms of sport or bravery but in the sense of biological greatness too.

New variety of snake has been discovered after hundred years

A new variety in the family of snake species has been discovered in Assam after almost a hundred years. Both the local people and the biologists are involved in this discovery. The major discovery that identified the new snake species was identified by a team of scientists from India, the UK, and the USA.

The species is named Rhabdophis Bindi

Wildlife Institute of India informed that “The species is named due to its unique red marking on the back of the neck of its body. Because of this, the snake can be identified among the entire snake species.

 Further research is going on to know more about the new species

It is expected that more information about the species will be discovered and will be released in front of the common people. It can be considered as a great achievement of the wildlife department of Assam.

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