A court in Arunachal Pradesh remanded Paras Singh to custody for six days.

It is no new for the people of the northeast to suffer racial discrimination against them in their own country. However, the public figures must be held accountable to promote awareness about the issue. But, to the contrary, it has been found usually that these public figures are indulged themselves.


Actions taken against the Slur


Such a case has been in the headlines recently when a popular Youtuber from Punjab, Paras Singh was found to make derogatory remarks against a political figure and the people of Arunachal Pradesh. This has not gone well with the people of the state. Hence, a court in Arunachal Pradesh remanded him to custody for six days.

Special Investigation Team (SIT), Superintendent of Police Rohit Rajbir Singh, said to a media portal “After taking him (Paras) into custody, the police took him on a virtual educational tour on the history, geography, and demography of the state. We showed him videos of the state’s diverse tourism landscape and he was also made aware of the different tribes and cultures of Arunachal, including their songs and cuisines.”

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Who is Paras Singh?


Paras Singh is a popular young face who is known for his descriptions in the common language of today’s youth. Seemingly, he has done all this to boost his channel and in turn, his income. He passed the slur when agitated after the appeal made by the Arunachal Pradesh MLA to ban a video game.



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