$32 million world bank project to improve the healthcare system of Mizoram.

Aizawl, 25th June: Union Finance ministry has announced that the Central government, the Mizoram Government and the World Bank have signed a $32 million project. This project will be beneficial for the health system of the state.

Underprivileged people will be benefitted under this project :

During the pandemic situation of covid-19, Mizoram was facing many healthcare related issues as the healthcare system needed a lot of improvements. The project will cover the underprivileged areas where the people are not able to get quality health care service due to poverty. Besides these the vulnerable groups of the state will also be covered under this project.

HealthCare insurance policies will be improved :

One of the main motto of the healthcare improvement project is improving the healthcare insurance policies of the state. This project will also help to promote the various health care schemes of the Mizoram government which will augment the capacity of the health insurance policies of the state.

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Prevention of infection is also a requirement :

Keeping in mind the adverse effects of covid-19 the project will also offer solutions to prevent infections and medical emergencies. The Mizoram government is expecting huge improvement in health care facilities from the $32 million healthcare project.


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