25 houses in Dibrugarh gutted into ashes due to massive fire

Dibrugarh, 2nd July: 25 houses gutted into ashes near the Tinkonia area when a massive fire broke out at the place on Tuesday. The fire tenders were immediately called to extinguish the fire.

The fire was controlled by the fire tenders

Timely arrival of the fire tenders saved the adjacent areas of the place where the massive fire broke out. The police were also called by the local police to look into the matter and control the masses. After almost two hours of struggle of fire tenders, the fire came into control.

Investigation is still going on

No casualties have been reported yet. The investigation is still going on to know the actual reason for this massive fire.

Local people said that blast of LPG cylinders was the reason for the fire outbreak

According to the local people and the eyewitnesses, the blast of LP cylinders led to a massive fire destroying 25 houses. Local people, District Administration and the Rotary Club raised the hands of help to the people who were affected in this fire outbreak in Dibrugarh. The distressed people are given shelter by the district administration.

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