16-year-old rap*e victim girl dies in a hospital of Tripura

Agartala, 18th June: A 16-year-old girl left her last breath in GBP hospital of Agartala after being allegedly gang-rap*ed. The girl was rap*ed in the Longtharai Valley Subdivision which is almost 50 km away from Agartala.

Police fired murder case against the preparators

At first fatal injury case was filed against the preparators who rap*ed the girl. After the death of the girl, the officer in charge of Ambassa police station, Himadri Sarkar said that a murder case will be filed against this case.

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Parents of the 16-year-old girl found her lying naked on the ground

According to the parents of the 16-year-old girl, the rap*ists fled away after rap*ing the girl. The parents went for Jhum farming and found their naked and bleeding daughter lying on the floor after returning home. Many injury marks were also seen on the body of the girl. The police were immediately informed to look into the matter.

The rape victim girl dies in GBP hospital

As the rap*e victims girl was in a critical situation, she was immediately rushed to the GBP hospital where she died in the late evening on Thursday. The investigation is still going on to find out the real miscreants to give them the deserving punishment.



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