10-years-old child trampled by elephant to death in Assam (Bokakhat)

Degradation of animal habitat


Forest area are the home for the wild animals, degradation of their habitat, removal of trees and other types of vegetation reduces availablity of food, shelter, and breeding habitat. Which leads to animal’s run away for the search of adequate shelter, water, and food to survive within remaining habitat. Nowadays this is counted as a big problem for both of the species i.e, animal as well as human beings.


Assam accident

Regarding this matter recently there is an accident that occured in Assam (Bokakhat), in this accident a 10-years-old child was trampled by an elephant to death. On Thursday afternoon in a area of Bokakhat sub-division under Golaghat district all the accident took place. Since it was near the forest of Mikirchang Bagicha village that’s why this accident happened.

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The 10-years-old was identified as a Mikirchang Bagicha villager boy named Dip Rawtia who was the son of Samara Rawtia, a resident of the Bor Line of Mikirchang tea garden. Villager often go to forest for fulfilling there needs, as one of the villager Dip was also gone for normal needs on that day. That forest was useful for getting fire woods for villagers. But misfortunately that day wild elephant was there, as a wild animal that elephant without thinking anything trampled Dip to death.


At that day he accompanied with his friends to collect to firewoods. Luckily his friends managed to flee at the moment but Dip can’t able to get far at that situation and got attackted by that wild elephant. Afterwards the villagers recovered the deceased child.


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